Instrumental Story Tellers--summer camp Extravaganza!

In Instrumental Story Tellers your child will discover his or her own interpretive voice through improvisation, movement and collaborative story telling.  Instrumental Story Tellers is sure to ignite your child's creativity and passion for self expression. 

Developed and taught by internationally acclaimed pianist and recording artist, Tanya Bannister, and veteran opera singer, Madeline Bender, Instrumental Story Tellers is a performance class that combines singing, and instrumental playing with story telling, movement, and theatrical improvisation. This playful, yet substantive program helps children discover the joy of self expression and collaborative music making from the earliest stages of their musical studies.

Each child selects a solo piece on his or her chosen instrument (which includes singing/voice) to focus on throughout the week.  The group then collaborates to create theatrical sketches, stories, or poetry readings that relate to each piece--allowing the children to find a deeper, more personal connection with the music.  At the end of the week, the group performs their multi-disciplinary "world premiere" showcase on stage at the Leonard Nimoy Thalia Theater at Symphony Space.

 In Instrumental Story Tellers, your children will develop their music literacy skills and musicianship with guidance from world-class musicians.This revolutionary, multidisciplinary approach to the study of music is designed to bring out your child's best performing and authentic self-expression.
  • Designed for children in grades 3-5

  • Children of all levels are welcome

  • Children are required to prepare one solo piece on their chosen instrument (which includes voice). These pieces must to be fully memorized before the first day of camp.  Our instructors will reach out to you prior to the start of camp to consult on repertoire choice. 

  • This program is designed to support young instrumentalists who are taking private lessons, as well as young singers who wish to sharpen their skills

  • Classes take place in at Symphony Space (2537 Broadway)

  • Class size is limited to 10 children

Instrumental Story Tellers Teachers

Tanya Bannister is a world-class concert pianist, teacher, and recording artist, and chamber musician.  A mother of a school-age child, and a passionate educator, she firmly believes that children should be encouraged to find their expressive voices from the very beginning of their training.

Madeline Bender (Instrumental Story Tellers Summer Camp Co-Teacher) is the Founder and Director of Creative Stage.  She has performed internationally as an operatic soprano. 

An Instrumental Story Tellers performance at the Electric Ladybug Community Garden.

An Instrumental Story Tellers performance at the Electric Ladybug Community Garden.