Support the Creative Stage Community OUtreach Fund

The Creative Stage Community Outreach Program provides quality arts education and experiences to children and families from underserved communities, and to those with limited financial resources. Our goal is to promote diversity in the arts, and build stronger communities through collaborative creation and discovery. We are grateful for your support!

A few good reasons to make Creative Stage part of your year end giving!


The Future!

It's always a good time to invest in our kids, and Creative Stage is all about developing the next generation of creative thinkers, innovators, and problem solvers


Creative Stage actively works to bring diversity to the performing arts through the teaching artists we engage and the communities we serve. We believe creating together brings people together


Creative Stage is small and local on purpose, so that we can create a real community with the kids and families that participate in our programs.


Creative Stage empowers kids and families to find joy and laughter in creating original comic, musical, and dance performance art. 


Please visit the Fractured Atlas giving link below to donate to help keep our program able to be uncompromising. 


Please download our one sheet below. Your tax deductible donation supports a wonderful evening of music and ensures that the Creative Stage Community Outreach Program continues its vital mission of increasing socio- economic and ethnic diversity in the arts. 

Your support will help us to deliver empowering, collaborative programs to under-served families and communities by:

  • Keeping tuition fees low and and providing scholarships for families that cannot afford tuition 
  • Bringing innovative arts programming to under-served schools
  • Engaged and fairly compensating a diverse set of talented young teaching artists 

And don't miss our Creative Stage Spectacular Fundraising show, January 20, 2018