Musical Theater Builders (Advanced Classes at Symphony Space)

Music Theater Builders, Advanced Classes at Symphony Space are designed to bring out the unique vision of each child.  With the help of professional, conservatory trained musicians and performers, children experience the joy of creating, refining and performing an original show from scratch. 



  • For children in grades 3-5 (this advanced class is designed for students who have previously attended at least one semester of MTB After School Classes, or one week of MTB Summer Camp)

  • Classes take place on Fridays from 3:30-5:30 pm

  • Classes held at Symphony Space (at 2537 Broadway at 95th Street)


class overview

Each day, Music Theater Builders starts off with group warm-ups.  Through the use of various improvisational games and exercises, the group works together to develop characters and a story line.  Next, an original script is created, based purely on the characters and ideas the children have created through improvisation.  New lyrics are also devised, and set to famous opera, symphonic, and musical theater hit tunes.  The students then begin to rehearse their show, complete with group and solo singing, theatrics, and dance moves.  In this advanced class, children will also explore antiphonal singing, and singing in parts.  On the final day of class, the children perform their original musical theater production for friends and family!

We predict you will be delighted by how inventive, hilarious, and well crafted the final performance will be.

For the past several years Madeline has taught a fantastic Musical Theater Builders class for the After School Program at The School at Columbia University. Not only does she have an in depth understanding of the theatrical arts, but an uncanny ability to interest and motivate her pupils. Her high energy level and creative inspiration have brought a following of students and parents alike.
— Chris Pappas, Program Coordinator (2005-2013), The School at Columbia University