DAncing Designers

In Dancing Designers, children design and construct costumes which they will wear for a final dance performance--all with guidance from professional artists!


In Dancing Designers, kids will work with professional costume designer, Clare Wasserman, to create the costumes they will wear for a final showcase of storytelling and dance—all inspired by great works of music. Children learn the fundamentals of drawing the human form, basic pattern making, hand stitching, important costume design principles, and more as they work to both design and help to construct their very own costumes.  They will listen to music by great composers, play improv and storytelling games, and explore expressing ideas and emotions through movement!

  • Tuesdays from 3:30 to 5:25pm

  • at the Manhattan School for Children, 154 W 93rd St. (just off Amsterdam Ave)

  • For children in grades K-2

  • Showcase performance (in costume, of course!) on the final day of class, just prior to pick up.

Clare brings a passion and knowledge of design, and the energy it takes to focus and stimulate a room full of young elementary-schoolers to each Dancing Designers class she teaches. We can’t wait for the next class to start! If you want to inspire the creative in your kid, this class is for you!
— Paulina Perera-Riveroll (Dancing Designers Mom)

*photos by Katherine Harbison