About the curriculum

At Creative Stage, we believe children learn best through creative exploration.  Our teachers are accomplished professional performers, designers, and artists who act as collaborators, and guides, helping children to gain the skills they need to develop and refine their own unique ideas. Our multidisciplinary, project-based programs are designed to set each child's imagination free!  

Musical Theater builders

  • Literacy skills are strengthened through the process of creating, reading and memorizing original scripts.

  • Children gain confidence, as they practice speaking in front of groups of peers and adults.  They learn to "think on their feet," and articulate their ideas through improvisational games and exercises.

  • Children experience the importance of imaginative, free flowing, brainstorming as well as the rigor of disciplined rehearsal, as they work to refine their ideas into a cohesive final performance.

  • Musical Theater Builders introduces children to famous works of music by great composers. In each class, children learn and memorize 4-­6 tunes from great Operas, Symphonies, and Oratorios.

  • Children learn basic theater and music fundamentals with guidance from conservatory trained, professional performers.

  • Children learn listening and observational skills.  They learn to give constructive feedback to others in the group.

  • Musical Theater Builders aims to set your child’s imagination free! Children delve deep into the creative process to develop and perform material that is uniquely their own.

Dancing designers

  • Children learn to draw the human form.

  • Children learn basic hand stitching, which strengthens fine motor skills.  Specific sewing skills include; putting on a button, straight stitching, threading a needle, and beyond.

  • Children learn basic pattern making, and measuring, which builds practical math skills.

  • Children learn and put basic design concepts into practice, such as effective use texture, color, and movement of line.

  • Children learn basic costume design vocabulary.

  • Children learn the value of research by exploring historical context, works of other great designers and artists, and studying movement and color found in nature. 

  • Children learn basic dance skills with professional guidance, as they prepare for their final showcase performance-in costume, of course!

Instrumental Story Tellers

  • Children receive expert coaching from world-class musicians on their solo instruments.
  • Through story telling and movement, children gain a deeper connection to the music they perform.
  • Children memorize both music and poetry.
  • Children gain confidence in speaking in front of groups of peers and adults.
  • Children engage in active, critical listening games, and are constantly encouraged to analyze what they are hearing and express these ideas verbally.  This develops language skills, as well as critical listening skills.
  • Children create "comic strip" stories in class, which strengthens literacy skills while also encouraging creative self-expression.
  • Children collaborate and learn to work as a group as they develop their final showcase performance.